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Property Management

At NDR, we offer expert property and asset management services. It is our goal to offer clients a complete spectrum of services from report generation to insurance coverage review. Our management includes basic functions such as property inspections, rent billing and collection, maintenance contracting, and supervision.

It also includes accounts payable and receivable services. This entails billing properly for rents, rental increases (whether scheduled or C.P.I.), CAM charges, as well as making timely payments for mortgages, taxes, insurance, and other operational expenses.

We also review annual insurance policies with agents or underwriters to analyze whether there is sufficient coverage per loan agreements and/or property valuation. Our company also monitors tenants providing proof of proper coverage for liability and other insurance as required by the lease.

Finally, our monthly and year to date reporting, with management summary, provides our property owners with an accurate financial picture of the month's performance. We supplement this detailed report with a monthly Rent Roll, which includes complete information about each tenant including rental increase dates, termination dates, deposits, and more.


Commercial Brokerage

Our company offers general commercial brokerage services such as acquisition and disposition of income property, land, and investment real estate. We can also provide consulting services regarding development and planning issues. NDR is able to provide any of these services, whether for industrial, retail, or office properties.

We assist buyers and sellers of commercial property in decision making analysis to properly estimate values, and determine pricing ranges. Included with this analysis, we offer forecasting models to assess future performance of income producing property, internal rates of return, and hold and exit strategies.



Generally, as part of management services, we provide leasing services for industrial, retail, and office property types. NDR offers this service for both landlord and tenant representation. Included with leasing we provide tenant improvement negotiation and supervision.

The leasing objective is accomplished using internet advertising through our website, real estate web subscription sites, direct target marketing, and conventional advertising. Dissemination of information to provide maximum exposure of a property or space requires constant updating of technologies and marketing strategies available to our industry.



NDR's Accounting department can provide your choice of the following reports

Financial Management

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Bank Account Balance
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Financial Statements
  • General Ledger
  • Expense Register
  • Income Register
  • Journal Entry Register
  • Aged Receivables Detail
  • Aged Receivables Summary
  • Charge Register
  • Charge Detail
  • Recurring Charges
  • Prepayment Register
  • Aged Payables Detail
  • Aged Payables Summary
  • Recurring Payable
  • Vendor Ledger
  • Check Register

Management Reports

  • Tickler Report
  • Applicant Directory
  • Tenant Directory
  • Unit Directory
  • Property Directory
  • Owner Directory
  • Trust Account Detail
  • Action Memo Reports

Commercial Reports

  • Sales History
  • Commercial Ledger
  • Lease Abstract
  • Rent Roll
  • CAM Distribution
  • CAM Reconciliation
  • Sales Comparison
  • Sales Comparison $/Sq. Ft.

Maintenance Management

  • Unit Asset Detail
  • Unit Asset Summary
  • Unit Asset Reserve Allocation
  • Unit Asset Depreciation
  • Work Order Detail
  • Work Order Summary
  • Work Order Invoice
  • Recurring Work Order Directory
  • Labor Report
  • Stock Directory
  • Stock Order History
  • Stock Usage History
  • Parts Inventory
  • Purchase Order Detail
  • Purchase Order Summary
  • Purchase Order on Back Order